Digital Smile Design

Is involving you in the process of designing YOUR NEW SMILE: 

On the first DSD appointment we will take Photos, a Videos, a 3D scanner and X-rays. We will discuss your concerns, your wishes and fears and we will guide you in the possible options for your new smile journey. 

We will do a personalized Digital 3D Treatment Plan and printed model of your future teeth and on your second appointment we will try on your new smile with a temporary Mock up without touching any of your teeth.

Some may need a minor smile improvement, and others, a more complex smile makeover. A Comprehensive treatment presentation will be given to you with options to make your wishes come true. This Smile try-in and Digital Plan will let us achieve the ultimate accurate and predictable final result.

Natural Restorations and Facial Balance

We create new smiles having in mind that it has to be in harmony with your face and your personality.

 We also focus on delivering the most aesthetic smiles with the use of a Digital Natural Teeth Libraries with real shapes and textures. We even offer the possibility to copy the smile of any person you like and design it in 3D to fit your mouth.

Free Smile Assessment

  • Includes photo and a first analysis of your smile
  • We can discuss what you like or dislike about your smile, including alignment, shape of your teeth and color and make a plan to give you the smile you always wanted. 
  • Costs for different cosmetic treatment will be discussed at this appointment 
  • If the treatment involves multiple teeth changing shape or multiple teeth replacement, we recommend a Digital Smile Design planning and Mock up for you to try your new smile before you go ahead with any irreversible change. This has a cost of $600. 

Do you want more information or have any doubts left? Contact us here and we will happily help you.