Food Tips After You Have a Tooth Removed

No one wants to have their teeth removed, but these processes can be necessary in order to help your long-term dental health. If you know that you are having a tooth extraction or if you think that you may need on in the near future, the best thing you can do is be prepared.

It is understandable that patients want to know about the recovery of a tooth extraction and what you can and should avoid eating after it. 

To help you in preparation for an extraction we have prepared a list of what to stock up on and what to avoid after the procedure. 

Sugar-Free Icy Poles

This nice treat is the perfect to have on standby as you are healing. The cold temperature of the ice block can help in reducing in your mouth as well as reducing discomfort.

Scrambled Eggs

This is an easy meal which is also easy to eat without putting too much pressure on your gums.

Cold Vegetable Soups

A cold veggie soup is the perfect way for you to boost your nutrient intake that you need for healing, while also being super easy to consume!

Lollies and Chips

Now unfortunately, these are a big no no – at least until a week after your extraction. These types of food require too much chewing which can disturb the wound which can cause infection.


Post extraction it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol especially if you are taking any pain medication. Alcohol can negatively impact on the potency of your medication. 

If you are dealing with tooth pain, we are here to help. You can find out what is causing the pain by coming in for an appointment, the quicker you come in for an appointment the better. 

Do you want more information or have any doubts left? Contact us here and we will happily help you.

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