White Fillings

White Fillings

A dental filling is a procedure used to fill a hole, or cavity, in a tooth. You may need a filling if you have tooth decay or if the structure of the tooth is lost due to trauma. These problems may be found when you have a dental x-ray. We use coloured tooth resin/ composite or Glass-ionomer cement materials to do fillings  We DO NOT do any Amalgam or silver fillings.

Doing a filling is most of the time a simple procedure and an early treatment for decays preventing bacterias from decay reaches the dental nerve (pulp). When decay is not detected early, bacterias or toxins can travel through tubes inside the tooth (dentine) and infect the nerve. This can cause pain and consequently need a Root Canal Treatment. 

So detecting decay is important but it is also important to determine and investigate the real cause of the disease.

Say a person has a decay. The dentist removes the decay and does a beautiful filling. The person then thinks, “Ah, the problem is solved.” But the dentist didn’t get rid of the cause of the disease. He simply repaired the damage. It’s like going around your house and finding rotten wood. You realize you have termites, so you scrape all the dead wood out and putty it and paint it. Well, you didn’t get rid of the termite problem; you only got rid of the damage. 

At PRO DENTAL Studio we do not only fix a tooth with a filling but we analyse the root cause of the problem for each patient in particular and we will advise what would be the best way to solve the issue and prevent decay from happening again. 

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